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Why is law so central to the United States?

Many people say in the United States say that they hate lawyers. However, most of those same people say that they love America and everything it stands for. The interesting part of this paradox, is that the United States of America was founded by lawyers. We replaced the kings and queens of the past with something that has worked much better. This great system was and to this day is based on the rule of law and by extension, the rule of lawyers. This legal system of checks and balances is enforced through the rule of law. This rule of law and dependence on lawyers is both the weakness of this system and undoubtedly its beauty.  


Why are there so few internet lawyers?

In the United States every state is a separate jurisdiction. Someone who can practice law in one of the jurisdictions is not typically allowed to practice law in another. For example, someone who is a lawyer in California cannot just go to New York and help people there with their legal issues. If they do, they face a real risk of loosing their right to practice law at all, even in California. Consequently, being a lawyer is a local profession and does not lend itself well to practicing on the internet. 


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